Couchbase Lite C
Couchbase Lite C API
Here is a list of all modules:
 ErrorsTypes and constants for communicating errors from API calls
 LoggingManaging messages that Couchbase Lite logs at runtime
 Other Types
 Reference CountingCouchbase Lite "objects" are reference-counted; the functions below are the shared retain and release operations
 DatabaseA CBLDatabase is both a filesystem object and a container for documents
 DocumentsA CBLDocument is essentially a JSON object with an ID string that's unique in its database
 BlobsA CBLBlob is a binary data blob associated with a document
 QueriesA CBLQuery represents a compiled database query
 ReplicationA replicator is a background task that synchronizes changes between a local database and another database on a remote server (or on a peer device, or even another local database.)
 ListenersEvery API function that registers a listener callback returns an opaque token representing the registered callback
 CoreFoundation and Objective-C Helpers
 Basic data types
 Reading Fleece Data
 Converting To JSONThese are convenience functions that directly return JSON-encoded output
 Value AccessorsThe core Fleece data type is FLValue: a reference to a value in Fleece-encoded data
 ArraysFLArray is a "subclass" of FLValue, representing values that are arrays
 Deep IteratorA deep iterator traverses every value contained in a dictionary, in depth-first order
 PathsAn FLKeyPath Describes a location in a Fleece object tree, as a path from the root that follows dictionary properties and array elements
 Shared Keys
 EncoderAn FLEncoder generates encoded Fleece or JSON data
 Delta CompressionThese functions implement a fairly-efficient "delta" encoding that encapsulates the changes needed to transform one Fleece value into another